Managing Diabetes: It Doesn't Have to Command Your Life

When you’re first diagnosed with diabetes, sometimes it feels as if there is too much information coming at you all at once and too many new things to worry about. Diabetes may bring new feelings as well as a new lifestyle and diabetes diet. You might be on new medications and will need to learn how to regularly check your blood glucose levels.

With all of these changes, you might feel as if you’ve lost control of your life. Everyone copes with unwanted change differently: some deny their feelings while others become angry, depressed or try to figure out who is to blame including themselves.

Healthy Lifestyle and Diabetes Management

It is important to get a handle on your own feelings without pushing them aside. Unresolved feelings may cause stress and could make the symptoms of diabetes worse.

Diabetes Self Management
Managing Diabetes - Diabetes Self Management

It is possible to reduce stress and feel more in control of your life. Stress management strategies include a number of things that are fun to try and may help take your mind off of your diabetes:

  • Join a local neighborhood sports team.
  • Take time to develop a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try.
  • Join a health club or exercise class.
  • Find company and understanding in a support or networking group.
  • Take a class.
  • Try volunteer work.

One way of dealing with diabetes may be to learn how to assert yourself and to be happy with your own choices. If you are assertive, you may improve your communication skills and let people know what you need. Additionally, you may gain more control over your diabetes. Regardless of whether you have diabetes or not, there are going to be conflicts in your life. Whether these conflicts are with coworkers, family or even health care professionals, you’ll be happier with the outcome if you let people know how you feel.

Trying to take command of your life when an illness seems to have command of you, at times, may seem difficult. Successful management of diabetes takes a lot of dedication and work, and sometimes no one is there to push you towards success. A good start toward taking command of your diabetes is to follow the plan that you and your doctor have devised for a healthy lifestyle and diabetes management.

Properly managing your diabetes takes effort as well as why waste that effort with emotions that don’t get you anywhere? It wasn’t your choice to develop diabetes, but it can be your choice to manage it effectively.