Impotence and Diabetes

A person who is diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, usually will also suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction. The relation between impotence and diabetes: impotence or sexual dysfunction experienced by patients with diabetes will soon be either fast or slow, depending on the condition of one’s stamina. Level of erectile dysfunction is dependent on blood sugar levels in his body. Therefore, some doctors assume that diabetes mellitus is one cause of impotence in young men.

Men with diabetes will have a greater risk of impotence than normal men, ie 2.6 to 4 times higher. In addition, they are also at risk for dyslipidemia of 1.6 times, then 1.8 to 2.4 against heart attacks and 1.6 to 1.7 times of high blood pressure.

Major cause of impotence in diabetics are neuropathic. Neuropathic is damage to the parasympathetic tract resulting in relaxation of penile arteries helicina can not occur. This causes the blood vessels in the penis is not smooth so that the penis can not be enlarged.

Neuropathic this will happen slowly and eventually causing total damage to the penis. If the total damage has occurred, then the patient should do therapy and treatment on a regular basis and so on throughout life. Because if it does not do continuous treatment, impotence will disrupt daily life and can trigger depression.

Neuropathic will run in the direction of impotence. At first, the erection will still occur, men will still be able to have sex, remain normal as usual. But eventually, erections will not be perfect, not as usual. The penis can not grow like it should when healthy. Until finally, erection can not occur at all. Alternatively, an erection will remain as usual, but at the time of penetration, when the penis inside the vagina, the penis will be weakened so that the sexual relationship of husband and wife will not run as it should.

Impotence and Diabetes
Impotence and Diabetes

These problems also lead to other things, that psychiatric problems because of the inability of the male erection is very disturbing. Harmonious relationship with the wife could be disrupted, and the more severe would interfere with the male psyche. Mental disorder or depression is an even more dangerous. Because, basically, a healthy mind which will support a healthy body and can move normally.

Neuropathic process in each person differs from another. There are people who immediately showed erectile disorder due to neuropathic, but for certain people with stronger body condition would be more able to tolerate a rise in blood sugar levels in the body. So it all really depends on the person’s stamina. Indeed stamina one person to another is different, and the problem is also an innate stamina of a person’s birth.

But of course, people who are more able to keep the food, doing regular exercise, check ups blood sugar levels regularly will certainly be premature to know if there is interference with sexual function. So if known earlier, more rapid treatment will be carried out before the condition gets worse or chronic.

Based on research that has been done, the muscles in the penis can still tolerate diabetes blood sugar levels up to 200 mg / ml. In this condition, neuropathic an erection does not occur and can still occur.

If blood sugar levels rise up to be 400 mg / ml, there will be a sudden attack of impotence. This is caused by the presence of endothelial damage in the sinusoids. Based on these explanations, we can conclude that impotence can occur via two ways, first slowly and it can also happen right away. In impotence due to neuropathic, impotence occurs gradually with the effect gradually increases until finally the muscles of the penis really can not function because of damage. Neuropathic have a persistent character, thus causing impotence can not be avoided by young men who attacked neuropathic.

In contrast to neuropathic, impotence due to endothelial problems are not persistent. In this condition, blood sugar levels can rise high in certain circumstances but will be back to normal as usual. Because endothelial did not have a persistent character such as neuropathic.

But somehow, when blood sugar levels rise, neuropathic going to happen and can suffer permanent damage to endothelial of impotence so really can not be avoided. If this happens, it will be difficult to overcome impotence. Although impotence or sexual dysfunction can be treated, but patients will be forever dependent on therapy and drugs.

The doctors have examined further by involving thousands of respondents as a sample study. From the results of these studies confirmed that all diabetics would have experienced impotence, regardless of their age. Young men with high activity and irregular lifestyle, or older men, all at risk of developing diabetes if they do not maintain the daily lifestyle.

Whatever your age, or your father, brother or your husband, all must immediately begin to maintain his lifestyle. Impotence is not only triggered by smoking, and drugs, but also because high blood sugar levels in the body.