How to Control Type 2 Diabetes Home Remedies

Type 2 diabetes affects millions around the globe, today we will discuss how to control type 2 diabetes (homemade cures and remedies).

90% of diabetic patients suffer from type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes is 100% preventable and curable. You certainly do not need to take lifetime insulin injections if you decide to take serious life changing actions.

Taking care of your daily habits helps to manage and treat or cure type 2 diabetes. These homemade treatments are recommended by several health specialists.

How to Control Type 2 Diabetes Home Remedies

How to Control Type 2 Diabetes Home Remedies

In order to control or treat type 2 diabetes certain lifestyle changes are required:

1. You should avoid sugary and fatty foods altogether. Concentrate on: fruits, veggies, wholemeal, dairy products, proteins and fiber. These are the only food types that you should eat.

2. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day and avoid alcoholic drinks altogether. If you prefer your tea with sugar make sure that you use diabetic sweeteners.

3. Do regular cardiovascular exercises in the morning and afternoon (after meal). Walking helps digestion and it controls your blood sugar levels.

4. Have enough sleep at night to help alleviate stress. Stress is not good for you, avoid every single stressful situations. Yoga exercises can help you to manage your stress hormones.