6 Best and Worst Type of Foods to Eat with Diabetes

Living with diabetes can be difficult, you must regularly take care of your diet. Let's discuss 6 best and worst food types to eat with diabetes. Not every type of food is processed the same way. Different food types contain different quantities of glucose or sugar, and these are broken down to the blood stream.

It is very important, especially for a diabetic to know the exact amount of sugar each food type contains. Below are 6 best and worst type of foods for a diabetic:

Best and Worst Type of Foods to Eat with Diabetes
Best and Worst Type of Foods to Eat with Diabetes
There are 6 types of food and these are: proteins, whole grains, dairy, vegetables, fruits and fats. A diabetic person must know which food type is good and bad for them. As you know glucose found on carbohydrates are digested much faster than proteins. But both should be consumed moderately.

Protein Foods

Best Choices: fish, salmon and beans.
Worst Option: processed deli meats and hot dogs.

Whole-grain Food Types

Best Choices: quinoa, wholegrain breads and fiber rich cereals.
Worst Option: refined white flour, white bread, pastries and white rice.

Dairy Products

Best Choice: fat free Greek yogurt.
Worst Option: full fat dairy products.


Best Choices: leafy greens, asparagus, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.
Worst Option: potatoes, corn and peas.


Best Choices: antioxidants and fiber rich.
Worst Option: canned syrups.

Fats and Lipids

Best Choices: avocados, almonds and pecans.
Worst Option: cheese, gravy and fried foods.

Remember that these are just guidelines and they are there for a reason. Intensive studies have been done for your better future. Diabetes is a serious condition.

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