Recommendations for A Diabetic Diet Plan

Diabetes mellitus or diabetic is disease of blood sugar metabolic disorders which is caused by hormone deficiency insulin resulting in increased levels blood sugar with all the consequences. So,these are recommendations about a diabetic diet plan;

Recommendations for A Diabetic Diet Plan

Diet Goals:

  1. Provide food as needed.
  2. Maintain blood sugar levels until normal/ close to normal.
  3. Maintain normal weight.
  4. Prevent the occurrence of blood sugar levels are too low which can cause fainting.
  5. Reduce/ prevent diabetic complications.

Terms of diet:

  • Energy requirements are determined by taking into account the need for metabolism basal 25-30 kcal/ kg body weight normal, plus the need for physical activity and special circumstances, such as pregnancy or lacation and presence complications.
  • 10-15% protein requirement of energy requirement total.
  • Fat needs 20-25% of energy needs total (<10% of saturated fat, 10% of fat is not saturated double, the rest of monounsaturated fat).
  • Food cholesterol is limited to a maximum of 300 mg / day.
  • Carbohydrate requirement 60 -70% of requirement total energy.
  • Use of pure sugar is not allowed, if controlled blood sugar levels are allowed consume pure sugar to 5% of total energy needs.
  • Fiber is recommended 25 grams/ day.

Food Settings

All sources of carbohydrates restricted: rice, porridge, bread, noodles, potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, sago, wheat, pasta, corn, taro, havermout, cereals, sticky rice, macaroni.

Sources of animal protein;

Recommended : Skinless chicken, fish, low cholesterol eggs or white eggs, lean meat.

To be limited: Animal protein high in saturated fat (corned beef, sausage, sardines, brain, offal, egg yolks).

Avoid: Cheese, sponge, jerky, full cream milk.

Sources of vegetable protein;

Recommended : tempe, tofu, green beans, red beans, peanuts, soybeans.


Recommended : High-fiber vegetables: kale, bean leaves, oyong, cucumber, tomatoes, water gourd, cauliflower, turnips, mustard, lettuce, celery, eggplant.

To be limited: spinach, beans, melinjo leaves, squash, cassava leaves, young corn, peas, beans, pare, carrots.


Recommended : oranges, apples, papaya, guava, skin snack fruit, star fruit (as needed)

To be limited: pineapple, wine, mango, soursop, banana, avocado, sawo, watermelon, jackfruit.

Avoid: Sweet and preserved fruits: durian, jack fruit, avocado, dates, fruits candy.

Avoid Drinks;

Drinks containing alcohol, sweetened condensed milk, soft drinks, ice cream, yogurt, milk.

Others, must be limited: white Sugar, brown sugar, sugar stones, honey, Sweet foods / drinks: cakes, sweet cakes, syrup, sweet jam, chocolate, candy, tape, mayonaise.

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