Normal Blood Sugar Levels On A Healthy Body

How normal blood sugar levels in the body? 

Having normal blood sugar levels in the body is very important because it can support the body's performance and keep you healthy and away from the risk of diabetes. But do you know what normal blood sugar levels should you have?

How normal blood sugar levels in the body

Actually normal blood sugar levels are not based on a standard number. This level can change as before and after you eat or also when it's time to sleep.

Range of Normal Blood Sugar Levels

After eating, your digestive system will break down carbohydrates into sugar or glucose that can be absorbed by the bloodstream. These substances are very important for the energy source of your body's cells. Blood drains this sugar substance to the body's cells to make it energy.

However, this sugar substance must pass through a 'door' to enter the cells. The hormone that plays a role in opening the 'door' is insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas. After entering the cell, this sugar substance will be burned into energy that you can use. More sugar will be stored in the liver for later use.

Here's the range of normal blood sugar levels in the body:

Before eating: about 70-130 mg / dL
Two hours after eating: less than 180 mg / dL
After not eating (fasting) for at least eight hours: less than 100 mg / dL
By bedtime: 100 - 140 mg / dL