Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes In Adults

Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes in Men Adults

 - Men adults are also at risk of the same affected by diabetes because in general the man who likes to smoke and drink alcohol. Symptoms of diabetes in men has similarities with the symptoms of diabetes in women.

A survey conducted by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) says that only 30 percent of male diabetics who got diabetes-related information. While only 20 percent already apply a healthy eating pattern that suits their conditions. Knowledge related to diabetes is very important for people with diabetes and their families in helping the sufferer control his illness. The following symptoms that should be known by men especially potentially suffering from diabetes to change their lifestyles to be more healthy.

Main Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

1. Quick thirst

Sometimes a person will feel dry in the mouth, doesn’t mean the symptoms like this one’s definitely suffering from diabetes. People who do a strenuous activity and hot weather can also easily thirst. Beware if you’re still hungry even after much drinking. Easy thirst occur caused by excess sugar levels in the blood which absorbs water continuously from the network so that it keeps the body hydrated potentially the onset of polydipcia.

2. Quick Hungry

Lack of insulin to transmit sugar to the cells make the muscles and organs of the body’s weakened and depleted of energy. The brain thinks the lack of energy due to eating less so that the body is trying to send signals of hunger so that someone will keep eating. People like that are potentially severe polyphagia.  That is the condition of a person experiencing excessive hunger, this is one of the three main symptoms of diabetes.

3. Frequent Urination

Many drinks make someone frequent urination. Too often the wastewater and urine volume that many called polyuria. Adults of normal (healthy) excretion of one to two liters of urine per day. Don’t underestimate the conditions always want to pee especially at night. Severe dehydration due to too often issued the urine can affect kidney function.

4. A drastic Weight Loss

Appetite increased, diabetes patients experienced a drastic weight loss. Towards the adults, in general the weight of human beings tend to be stable from year to year. Down or take the 1-2 kilos is usual, but beware of your condition if weight loss up to 5 percent of body weight. Ability impaired glucose metabolism can cause the body to wear anything as ‘ fuel ‘ like muscle and fat so someone will appear to lean diabetics.

5. A Sense of weary and weak, unusual

A shortage of sugar causes tired due to running out of energy. The body work also slowed down because the body burns muscle or FAT during activity. If anything like that happens continuously causes weight plummeted.

6. Recovery of Injuries last long or frequent Infections

Type 2 diabetes reduces the body’s ability to heal wounds and fight infection. Wounds that take up to weeks and weeks to recover potentially becomes an infection and needed medical treatment. If you frequently experience it like that, you should be suspicious of the disease behind it including diabetes. In case of a wound, the wound healing is often very long time due to the reduced blood supply due to narrowed blood vessels. For prevention, it is recommended that diabetics always keep and take care of her skin though not occurring injuries.