Signs of Type Two Diabetes

DIABETAZONE - An early sign of type 2 Diabetes mellitus includes frequent urination, Frequent thirst, Easy hungry, numb and numb fingers on a limb, wounds difficult to heal, calm and appear blackish skin patches. Type 2 diabetes is preventable diseases affecting millions of people.

Signs Of Type Two Diabetes

According to the CDC, more than 29 million people in a country and around about 8 million yet un-diagnosed. Consist of nerve damage its complications, renal failure, blood circulation deteriorates and triggers of death. For that, you need to know the early signs of diabetes mellitus type 2.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot regulate blood sugar levels that are normally controlled by the hormone insulin because of insulin resistance. Body insulin enough, but production of cells in the body become resistant so it does not respond well with insulin, blood sugar levels remain high. Insulin pancreatic beta cells produced its own function of lowering blood sugar levels and distribute it to cells.

Uncontrolled blood sugar for a long time can trigger complications such as nerve damage, kidney failure, hair loss, eye damage, heart disease, skin problems and more. Complications in the form of a bad circulation can trigger an amputation of the extremities.

Obesity is a risk factor for this disease. Often found in adults, whereas in type 1 diabetes is often found in children. Although it occurs in adults, early diagnosis can be found in young children with type 2 diabetes mellitus with obesity much less uncontrolled. Prevent complications require diagnosis and regular treatment. Identification of type 2 diabetes as early as possible is very necessary.

An early sign of Diabetes mellitus type 2

Warning Signs of Type Two Diabetes

An early sign of the disease does not always appear. Symptoms appear slowly and make it difficult to be identified. Medically we call it asymptomatic. Because it can worsen during certain periods, type 2 diabetes is often not undiagnosed or undiagnosed for long. For that regular inspections are needed especially blood sugar levels in patients who have a family history of diabetes mellitus type 2.

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination (BAK) also called polyuria, where urination occurs more frequently and is redundant. This indicates high blood sugar levels. Because the kidneys are not able to maintain blood sugar levels, then some sugar can pass urine so in layman terms diabetes occurs.


Often feel thirsty (or frequent drinking or polidipsi) is an early sign of diabetes. This is because high blood sugar levels make the blood becomes concentrated, and urinary became frequent. As a result, you become thirsty and with easy drinking will not relieve and relieve thirst.

Easy Hungry

Often hungry, or polyphagia or frequent eating, also typical signs of diabetes. The body uses sugar in the blood to supply nutrients to the cells when the cells cannot absorb sugar due to lack of insulin or insulin resistance occurs, then the body’s cells still lack sugar so hungering stimulates receptors induces you too hungry and eating.

Finger Nerve Pain

You may feel a tingling, numbing, tingling, numbness and the like in hand, finger, heel, and toe. This is a sign of the complications of diabetes mellitus i.e. diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage. These symptoms do not appear immediately, but after a few years with diabetes and when it appears, showing the already occurred complications.

Difficult Wounds Healed

There are several reasons why cuts will be difficult to recover in patients with diabetes mellitus. The presence of poor circulation due to the high sugar levels in the blood vessels, then the existence of the immunodeficiency be the cause. Cuts are also increasingly difficult cured when accompanied by a local infection. And this is an early sign of diabetes mellitus.

Blurred View

Haze is an early sign of diabetes mellitus are not treated properly. This can be a sign of high blood sugar levels that lead to disorders of the retina and the lens. The disorder may be temporary and may be permanent. This disorder is called diabetic retinopathy.

Appear Blackish Skin Patches

Skin discoloration on the folds of the skin becomes blackish called Acanthosis nigricans and is an early sign of diabetes mellitus. This skin discoloration often found in the armpits, neck, and groin.