Warning Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes You Need to Attention

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

DIABETAZONE – Diabetes is a chronic disease that is associated with the sugar in the blood that is abnormal. The insulin produced by the pancreas lowers the blood glucose level. Absence or not enough the production of insulin, or the inability of the body to use insulin causes diabetes.

Early signs of diabetes are many but very smooth, so you can not recognize. Type 2 diabetes can lead to serious health complications, so it is important to know the signs of a warning and take a diabetic test if you have any symptoms.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Early treatment of diabetes can prevent serious complications. This is to pay attention to these signs:

Increased urination, excessive thirst:

If you feel the need to urinate frequently, especially if you wake up more often at night with a bath, it may be a symptom of diabetes. The kidneys must get rid of all the excess glucose in the blood because it is a desire to relieve themselves. There is an excessive thirst which means your body is trying to replenish the lost liquid.

Puzzling Weight loss:

High blood sugar levels can cause weight loss, but this is not a healthy weight loss. Since hormone insulin does not always make glucose in the cells that can be used as energy, the body has taken it and began to dissolve the hungry proteins from the muscles as an alternative source of fuel.


Excessive starvation is a sign of diabetes and can be derived from a summit or blood sugar level. A body of thought that requires glucose and is not being supplied urgently, as the cells must function when the blood sugar levels have sunk.

Skin Problems:

Itching of the skin, perhaps due to dry skin and cold circulation, often a warning sign of diabetes, as well as other skin disorders, black epidermis, this can be a darkening of the skin around the neck and forearm area.

Slow wound healing:

Infections, cuts and bruises that do not heal quickly are another sign of diabetes. This usually occurs because blood vessels are damaged by the amount of glucose in excessive travel of blood vessels and arteries. This makes the blood necessary to facilitate healing to reach different areas of the body difficult.

Fatigue and irritability:

Persistent fatigue is a symptom that is important to note. This can mean that the food eaten for energy is not decomposed and by the cells, it is to be used. When the blood sugar level is high, it might be irritated to feel the discomfort. On the other hand, high blood glucose levels can mimic symptoms similar to depression. You’re so tired, you don’t want anything, you feel you don’t want to come and maybe just wanted to sleep.

Blurred vision:

In the early stages of diabetes, the eye lens does not focus properly because it accumulates in the eyes while glucose changes its shape. Every now and then you see a flicker of flow or light with a distorted vision is a direct result of high blood sugar levels.

If you have listed the above diabetic warning signs, discuss with your doctor to get the tests you need to carry out the diagnosis of diabetes. These warning signs may not mean that you suffer from diabetes, but if done with proper nutrition, normal exercise, and medications (if necessary), you can easily manage your type 2 diabetes and live a positive and productive life.