Diabetic Total Health Care Tips

DIABETAZONE - Currently, Diabetes Mellitus Center has been a focal point of attention in the world of medicine. This is due to a disease that is characterized by the increase in blood glucose levels, most of the complications of the disease and the number of affected has steadily increased every year. Diabetes mellitus is in fact mostly suffered by adults and they have aged. As for the main cause of the disease is a common disease are overweight or obese, never exercise and diet do not hold well.

Diabetes Health Care

Although it contains diabetes a disease that is dangerous if sugar levels in the blood can be controlled by switching to a healthier lifestyle. Then the patients who suffer this disease will be able to stay healthy, productive life with a good quality of life.

Diabetic Health Care Tips
Medical term more use subtitles that can be controlled diabetes, not cured. This is because if the patient stops exercising and runs an arbitrary pattern of life, or does not consume drug control blood glucose levels in his blood sugar level then it gets back on.

The importance of health care for people with diabetes

For this reason, essentially the purpose of health care in diabetics does not cure. But more to reduce the impact of complications that may occur. Complications arising from diabetes not only will be able to sever the disease, but this condition will be able to increase the expenditure for medical treatment and course of this disease and make the quality of life of patients will be lower.

The hardest challenge in treating diabetes in patients is the patient’s long-standing and necessary discipline. In general, there are five pillars of diabetes control are important to note.
  • Pillars of Diabetes control
  • Restaurant setting
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Treatment
  • The measurement of blood glucose Independent
  • This condition will be considered under control if the daily sugar levels in the blood were normal without hypoglycemia.
So health care is usually not just focus, of which a doctor is done. The reason for this is basically self-contained treatment to do important things. Well, below are some tips on caring and maintaining health in diabetics.

Tips on caring for and maintaining health for diabetics

Experts say that diabetics must always try to keep the sugar levels in the blood, approaching the blood sugar level in non-diabetics. This may sound impossible for those affected by diabetes. However, denied or not this is the only way that it is important to maintain the state of its health. First, consult with your doctor on how should your blood sugar.

Consume a healthy diet

Diabetics do not need special food, let alone fancy food with taste that is delicious and special. All good food menu for diabetics is the type of food that has the same effect, as good as a non-diabetic. For that, try to sort your food for consumption such as food low in fat, salt, low sugar, but high in fiber. As for the type of food that are good for eating foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods.

Regular training

Regular exercise is a good thing done by diabetics. Hiking, swimming, dancing, cycling and other sports is an important thing to do. You can even work at the moment at home, such as home cleaning or gardening at the time. The most important thing is the movements that will make you more active.

Do not miss the drug use

Insulin and diabetes pills and injection (BYETTA, Symlin or Victoza) is a type of medicine that is usually given to lower blood glucose levels in the body.

Check the blood glucose level every day

The last step that is important to do is you need to know how well and control the diabetes condition exists. The best way to find out is to test the sugar levels in the blood. If your blood contains too little or too much sugar in it then the doctor will usually recommend changes to healthy foods menu that you consume during that time. Not only that, the doctor will also recommend you to do sport exercise and re-examine the medications you consume. So, do not hesitate to go to the doctor and check your health condition regularly, allowing the doctor to monitor the condition of your health as well.