Recommended Best Foods for Type 2 Diabetes

Best Foods For Type 2 Diabetes

 - Foods for type 2 diabetes is indeed very limited, not all food can be consumed freely. Only foods that contain levels of calorie or low sugar levels that can be consumed, while the foods that contain high levels of sugar or calories are best avoided.

Food for Diabetes type 2 like note along with type 2 diabetes is a condition where insulin hormone in charge of control and processing of sugar in the blood to become energy, it does not work to its full potential. The amount of insulin the body needs the necessary can not produce optimally if this is the case, then the blood sugar will drown together with blood, as a result of some organs are not functioning properly. Conditions like this, of course, cannot be left well enough alone, that’s why a diabetic should really keep the pattern of eating well. But the problem is, lots of diabetics who do not know what kinds of food are best avoided or types of food just about anything that should be consumed.

Recommended Best Foods for Type 2 Diabetes

The following are some kinds of foods for type 2 diabetes, you should know:


As it known together nuts do not have a high amount of calories so it’s safe to take those who have diabetes. Besides beans also contain high enough fiber, which will help the absorption of sugar or glucose in the blood. In several studies mentioned that consuming nuts can lower the risk of stroke and help arrange the release of the hormone insulin in the body.

There are countless types of nuts that can be consumed by those who have type 2 diabetes, such as almonds, peanuts, soybeans, green beans, etc.

Dark chocolate

Black or Brown, also known as dark chocolate has a slightly bitter taste. In addition to that dark chocolate contains some content that is good for the body, one of which is a flavonoid. The antioxidant content of this one would have been very helpful to maintain the durability of the body, from a wide variety of free radicals. In addition, the content of flavonoid is excellent for increasing insulin sensitivity, reduce insulin resistance, reduce problems on vessels of the heart and help solve a variety of problems with blood pressure.

Green vegetables

Foods for type 2 diabetes next is a variety of green vegetables. Green vegetables contain lots of nutrients, such as chlorophyll, iron, carbs, etc. The fiber content that exists in these vegetables are able to absorb glucose in the blood, that’s why when someone consumes vegetables regularly, then the sugar levels in the blood will be stable. That’s why diet using vegetables is highly recommended for those with type 2 diabetes.

As is known, there is an awful lot of green vegetables that you can consume, such as spinach, kale, broccoli, pare, etc.


Sweet potato food for food for Diabetes type 2 as replacement carbs a diabetic can consume several types of tubers such as cassava, Yam, taro, etc. As it known together for type 2 diabetes foods contains complex carbohydrates that are good for the body. By consuming carbohydrate complexes like this, then the range of nutrients needed by the body will be fulfilled properly. Tubers such as these do not contain a lot of calories, so safe if consumed regularly, in addition to these tubers also contain fiber that can control the levels of sugar in the blood.

Olive oil

For those of you who love to consume fried foods, should replace regular cooking oil with olive oil. Olive oil has a wide range of nutrients that would have been good for diabetes. Content such as antioxidants, unsaturated fats, as well as a variety of other content certainly helps the performance of some organs, like the heart, kidneys, etc. By using cooking oil from the olive oil will not alter the taste of the dishes, but rather on will add to the nutrients in the food that will be consumed.


Foods for type 2 diabetes that can be consumed on a regular basis is a variety of fish. The fish should be consumed is fish that contain lots of omega 3, as was found in mackerel, salmon, herring, etc. The types of fish such as this contain a protein which is very good for those who have diabetes. In addition, the content of omega 3 on the fish also helps increase the antibodies and also improve the performance of the various organs of the body properly. Plus the presence of a combination of fatty acids in protein and also the omega 3 ‘s in fish is very debated.

That all important to prevent the levels of sugar in the blood rises and good references for diabetic diet plan.