Type 1 Diabetes Diet Treatment to Treat Symptoms

The fact, 10 percent of diabetic patients are with type 1 diabetes, today we will discuss type 1 diabetes diet treatment to treat symptoms.

Diabetes is a serious condition that in 2015 affected over 415 million patients around the world. It causes numerous painful symptoms such as: constant urination at night, unhealable wounds and cuts, fatigue, constant thirst, blurry vision, etc.

People with type 1 diabetes take insulin injections and these people are likely to pass their condition to their offspring. This is true, however there are also evidence of patients with healthy children despite their diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes Diet Treatment

So if you are unsure about your romantic life, let me share with you some diet tips that can help you to manage your type 1 diabetes symptoms:

Type 1 Diabetes Diet Treatment to Treat Symptoms

DiabetaZone | People with type 1 diabetes must avoid fatty, sugary foods and stressful situations. They must have a healthy diet composed of: fruits, veggies, wholemeal, dairy products, proteins and fiber.

They are must exercise daily to avoid the above symptoms and to lose weight. As you know weight gain can cause numerous unwanted severe symptoms of diabetes. Therefore walk at least 2 hours a day and aim for 10000 steps a day.

Drinking 2/3 litres or water a day is also advisable to boost metabolism and to regulate your blood sugar levels. A good way to cut sugar is to use diabetic sweeteners. You can add them to your drinks (tea/coffee) without worrying about your diabetes.